10 Fun Facts Peter Pan's Flight Magic Kingdom

10 Fun Facts Disney Parks

Peter Pan's Flight Entrance Fantasyland Magic Kingdom Disney World

Peter Pan's Flight is one of the most popular Disney rides, and each version is a bit different.

Here are 10 fun facts and secrets about the version of Peter Pan's Flight in the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.

1. Higher Capacity

Peter Pan's Flight Ride Station Magic Kingdom Disney World

This ride improved upon the ride system of the Disneyland original by using an omnimover style ride station.

2. Interactive Queue

This ride has an interactive queue line inspired by the Darling's house.

3. Suspended

This ride is a suspended dark ride, meaning you actually ride below the track.

4. Ariel

One of the mermaids in this attraction bears a striking resemblance to the Disney Princess Ariel.

5. Blocks

Throughout the history of the ride, the blocks in the Darling house have been used to spell out various fun messages.

6. Many Versions

Versions of this ride exist in every Disney resort worldwide except Hong Kong Disneyland.

7. Different Scales

Peter Pan's Flight Ride Building At Night Fantasyland Magic Kingdom Disney World

The different scenes in this ride are each built at different scales, using forced perspective to make them feel further away or closer to you.

8. Slow Line

This ride is notorious for its incredibly long line at the park, due to being so slow loading of a ride.

9. Basic Effects

Many of the effects in this ride are really quite basic, being made from only styrofoam or plastic.

10. Medieval Fair

Unlike other versions of the ride, the outside of the attraction is not themed based on England, but instead based on a medieval fair.