Is a Star Wars Update Coming To Disney Magic Kingdoms on April 22nd

Disney Magic Kingdoms

The Mandalorian Character in Disney Magic Kingdoms Game

Based on the newly revealed rewards calendar for April it is looking like there may be yet another Star Wars update coming to the game next month.

On April 22nd, the game is set to give everyone a Star Wars chest. Since this is happening on a Thursday, this is typically a tip-off for when the next event will be beginning. Now usually the chest is for the helper event, but would make sense for the existing Star Wars characters to serve as helpers for a new Star Wars event.

First Order Stormtrooper Star Wars Character Disney Magic Kingdoms Game

With May 4th just around the corner, this is good timing for a Star Wars event. I would not be surprised if it is starting earlier than this Star Wars holiday so that the game can do a 101 Dalmatians update in May for the release of Cruella.

Now, what would this Star Wars update be?

Finn Star Wars Character in Disney Magic Kingdoms Game

The best two guesses would be updates based on either the Prequel Trilogy or the Original Trilogy. Both of these would be a natural follow-up to the original Star Wars update and easily fill a full-size limited-time event worth of characters.

Personally, I would guess a Prequel Trilogy update, as if they are doing an update based on all three trilogies, I would expect the Original Trilogy update to be last as it is by far the most popular series of films.

There is always a chance that this could be a smaller update as well similar to what we previously saw with The Mandalorian. If it was smaller it could open the door for an update to better align with the late May Cruella release date. But just coming off a smaller update I would still bet on it being somewhat bigger.

Rey Disney Magic Kingdoms Game Star Wars Character

I will also say that there is also a non-zero percent chance this could be an update based on The Bad Batch, an animated Star Wars series set to be released on May 4th. As the characters were already introduced in Clone Wars, they could do a storyline based on them before the actual release of the series if they wanted to. I would say this is the least likely option, but given the timing, it could still work.

What characters do you hope to see added in this potential Star Wars update to Disney Magic Kingdoms? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!