Power Rangers At Walt Disney World: Extinct Disney Parks Tribute

Extinct Disney Parks Tribute

Power Rangers Disney World Parade Float Stars and Motor Cars Disney's Hollywood Studios

Disney's Hollywood Studios has been home to a vast number of different groups of characters over the years, some that even stretched beyond the Disney umbrella. This includes a roughly five-year appearance of the Power Rangers at the Walt Disney World resort.

The Power Rangers were owned by Disney for a stretch in the 2000s, and they choose to promote their newly acquired property within Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Due to the ever-changing nature of the Power Rangers lineup, Disney chose to bring them to the parks in an easily interchangeable way, planning from the start to feature multiple different iterations of the iconic team at the same time.

Power Rangers Parade Float Disney Stars and Motor Cars Disney's Hollywood Studios

They were added to the Disney Stars and Cars Motorcade as well as getting a meet and greet on Streets of America, also featuring the parade float. This was set to feature a rotating roster of five power rangers, allowing Disney to feature one member from five different Power Rangers teams at a time, and they would gradually change out members as new teams were created.

Eventually in 2010 Disney would sell the Power Rangers after allowing them to fall from prominence, and the characters would stop making appearances at Walt Disney World, making them a strange but short part of the history of the park.

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