What Bolt Characters Should Be Added To Disney Magic Kingdoms?

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Bolt Mittens and Rhino Characters in Disney's Hollywood Studios

Bolt was one of the best Disney films of its decade and was when Disney really starting figuring out how to use computer animation. Today we are going to predict what an update to Disney Magic Kingdoms based on this film might look like.

Bolt was a film about a dog who played a superhero in a hit TV series who ended up stranded on the other side of the country from his owner and co-star Penny.

This film has relatively few major characters as it is really about a road trip taken by three main characters, whom the film spends most of its time with. These three characters are the most obvious additions to the game.

Bolt, Mittens, and Rhino are the biggest characters in the movie, and they would be the most natural additions to the game, and assuming its a smaller update this could be the entire update. The entire storyline could easily involve just these three.

Penny Hugging Bolt In Her Trailer Disney

But if it is bigger there is one obvious additional character, Penny. With her, the story could follow either finding Bolt, or Bolt finding his way back to her.

If the update was bigger, as would be required for a limited-time update, there are a few other characters that could be worth adding to the game to stretch it to a full event. One of the pigeons could be an option, as would Penny's mom or her manager, bringing the game to the full 7 characters for an event.

If I had to guess I would say this would be a smaller permanent content update as opposed to a bigger event.

As for attractions, there is nothing obvious that could be added, but there are a few scenes that could inspire an attraction. The scene driving in the house for instance, or Bolt's TV show would potentially be good inspirations for attractions.

Primeval Whirl Attraction Disney Magic Kingdoms Game

Bolt could make a great addition to the game, and bring several fun characters to the kingdom.


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