Ranking Disney Magic Kingdoms Event Types

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Maleficent Tower Challenge Disney Magic Kingdoms Game

Disney Magic Kingdoms has many different types of events that bring new content into the game. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages for how they bring new characters and attractions to the game.

We are going to rank the various common types of Disney Magic Kingdoms events from worst to best.

4. Leaderboard

Leaderboard events are by far the most difficult, and most frustrating part of Disney Magic Kingdoms. It seems impossible to win them without either using an insane amount of gems, cheating, or not sleeping. They are just way too difficult for anyone who isn't spending a ton of money on the game or who cannot play 24/7 to earn the rewards.

3. Cascading Critters

Cascading Critters is the newest kind of event on Disney Magic Kingdoms, and they are still adjusting this event with each time. It is a fun way to earn a lot of new content at once, but it is still a little confusing. Hopefully, we will see them do some similar quality of life upgrades in the next version of this event that we have seen in other event types that will elevate its status in the game.

2. Tower Challenge

Tower Challenge Stage Disney Magic Kingdoms Game

Tower Challenges have become somewhat rare recently within Disney Magic Kingdoms, but they are one of the best types of events the game offers. Especially recently, when they have played with the format to add new characters at once. They give you a chance to earn both new and old content, and you can even choose what you want to earn based on personal preference.

The only reason this isn't number one is just that typically these are smaller events that add less new content relative to the best kind of event.

1. Limited-Time Events

Ernesto De La Cruz Coco Disney Magic Kingdoms Event

Disney Magic Kingdoms best type of event by far is the full-scale limited-time event. These bring far more new content into the game than any other event, and it is far easier to get the content as a part of this type of event.

These bring a huge amount of content into the game all at once, and allow you to explore your own storyline within the world of various classic Disney films. They are also geared for new and old players alike, making them perfect for people at all stages of the game.


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