Dumbo The Flying Elephant Disneyland Guide


Dumbo The Flying Elephant Entrance Sign Disneyland

Opening Date: August 16th, 1955

Dumbo The Flying Elephant, while not an opening day Disneyland attraction, has become of the most iconic attractions from the park, becoming one of few attractions found in every Disney resort around the world.

The original version has been moved and updated multiple times, but it still provides the same classic experience, flying on the back of the magical elephant Dumbo.

This attraction gives you great views of the entire center of Fantasyland, making it something that can be enjoyed by guests young and old.


Thrill Rating 2/10

This is a slow-moving attraction that you control the intensity of.


Dumbo The Flying Elephant Queue Line Disneyland

Special Information

This is not the original version of the attraction, having been replaced to add more elephants to the attraction to increase capacity.