Muppet Vision 3D

Muppet Vision 3D Disney World

Disney has had a very complicated relationship with the Muppets. They almost bought them, leading them to create plans for massive theme park expansions. Then the deal failed following Jim Henson's death and Disney was left with only one of his last projects to put into their parks.

Muppet Vision 3D is the only attraction ever made based on the Muppets for any Disney park. It features you going to witness a new type of Muppet show using Muppet Labs new 3D technology. The show utilized 3D effects, audio-animatronics and even live actors to tell one of the more unique Muppet shows ever.

The show was built twice, once in Disney's Hollywood Studios and once in Disney California Adventure but only the Disney World version still remains operational.

The show has seen relatively little changes in its history. It briefly saw an update to the preshow based around Muppet Most Wanted but after that movie had a disappointing box office performance it was reverted back to the original preshow. The original signage was also changed at Disney's Hollywood Studios although you can still see the outline of the old sign.

Miss Piggy Fountain Muppets

There are continual rumors of this show closing and the evidence is conflicting. The hours of the attractions were shortened but there is also now a seasonal Muppet restaurant across from the ride and the Miss Piggy fountain recently was refurbished after years of being a planter.

Regardless it is one of the last works of the creator of the Muppets and continues to be a great theme park version of the classic Muppet Show for as long as it can continue to entertain guests.