Ranking Disney Theatrical Sequels

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Elsa Slidding Down Ice Cave Show Yourself Frozen 2 Disney

Disney makes some of the most iconic animated films of all time, but one thing they haven't really done is sequels. In their entire history, they have only made four theatrically released sequels, most of which in the last decade.

So we decided to rank these theatrically released animated sequels based on a popular vote. To participate in future polls be sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

4. Rescuers Down Under

Cody Riding Marahute Golden Eagle Rescuers Down Under Disney

This movie was the first Disney theatrically released sequel. It was a follow up made during the Disney Reinassance of one of the best films made during the studio's dark age following Walt Disney's death, The Rescuers. This film took a similar premise of the two mice Bernard and Miss Bianca saving a child from a dangerous situation, this time with the plot located in Australia.

Bernard and Miss Bianca Ride Wilbur Rescuers Down Under Disney

The film is notable for its stunning animation, as Disney used it as an opportunity to try out some new techniques that would be used throughout the period and gave them their first chance to try to make a sequel.

3. Ralph Breaks The Internet

Ralph and Vanellope Enter The Internet Ralph Breaks The Internet

Ralph Breaks The Internet saw Disney revisit the world of Wreck-It Ralph and expand it in a massive way with Disney's first computer-animated sequel. Following Ralph and Vanellope into the internet to save their arcade, this film continues the themes of friendship from the first film and examines how friendships change over time.

Disney Princesses and Vanellope Von Schweetz No Mothers Ralph Breaks The Internet Disney

The movie is also filled with pop culture references just like the original, although this time it is more focused on internet culture and Disney references as opposed to the video game references from the first film. The Disney Princess sequence alone is one of the funniest scenes in any Disney film, combining almost a century's worth of characters and history into one (somewhat self-mocking) hilarious sequence as part of a fun follow up in the Wreck-It Ralph universe.

2. Winnie The Pooh (2011)

Rabbit Kanga Roo Piglet and Pooh Sit Winnie The Pooh 2011 Disney

The Winnie The Pooh franchise has had numerous films over the years, but only two were theatrically released Disney productions. The 2011 Pooh film was the last hand-drawn animated Disney film ever made, and it is a real underrated gem, having underperformed due to going against the final Harry Potter film.

Winnie The Pooh On Honey Tropical Island Disney

Featuring a score from the team that would later create the music of Frozen, this movie was a fitting end to Disney's legacy of hand-drawn animation, providing a loving tribute to the classic Pooh film while showcasing how far the medium had come.

1. Frozen II

Anna On Enchanted Forest Arendelle Bridge Frozen 2 Disney

Frozen was one of the biggest success stories of any Disney animated film ever, becoming a phenomenon, especially with its breakout sone Let It Go. There was a lot of pressure on this sequel to be a worthy successor to the original. Disney delivered with the best-animated sequel they had ever made.

Elsa Hopping On Ice Towers Show Yourself Frozen 2

They managed to deliver another solid score and an intriguing storyline that further developed all the iconic characters from the first film while also introducing a new set of characters and locations to explore.

Elsa Into The Unknown Singing On A Balcony Frozen 2 Disney

This film also provided some of the best animation Disney has ever produced, upping the quality from the original film significantly and showcasing all the capabilities of modern computer animation.