Top Broadway Songs Not On The Cast Recording


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Broadway musicals are synonymous with their music. All That Jazz in Chicago. One from A Chorus Line. These songs are permanently connected with their show and their original versions on cast recordings are iconic. But not all Broadway songs are included on cast recordings.

Today we are discussing five songs that are not featured on cast recordings that are in the actual show. This can be for a variety of reasons, like providing a surprise for people who see the show live, or leaving off a song that might not have commercial appeal.

1. John Laurens Story of Tonight

Hamilton Broadway Musical Set Richard Rogers Theatre

One of the most iconic musicals in recent memory is Hamilton, but one song from this famous musical about America's founding fathers is not featured on the cast album. The John Laurens reprise of Story of Tonight is not on the cast album due to the amount of dialogue in the song compared to the lyrics sung.

2. Tower of Babble

One of the songs of the musical Godspell was not featured on the original cast album. Tower of Babble is the opening number of the show, featuring a variety of philosophers discussing God and ideas of religion. It is different than the rest of the music in the show, leading to it being cut from the album, and the eventual film adaptation. It was restored to the albums of several subsequent productions.

3. Megasix

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The hit modern musical Six also features a song that does not appear on the cast album, and that is a very deliberate choice. Megasix is the final song that you are allowed to record on your phone in most productions, and it is meant to be heard in person and to showcase the cast you have just seen, being a mashup of the major songs of the show.

4. And...

This song from A Chorus Line has not been featured on either of the Broadway cast albums of this iconic musical. It is more dialogue intense than the other songs in the show, more serving to develop the plot and the specifics of the untraditional audition featured in the show.

5. Numerous Songs

The Mystery of Edwin Drood is one of the strangest musicals out there, and it has a lot of songs not included on the cast album due to the nature of the show's ending. Each night, the audience votes on the ending, resulting in numerous possible combinations, and all of them obviously could not be featured on the album.