Ratatouille Disney Magic Kingdoms Update Revealed

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Disney Magic Kingdoms Ratatouille Update Loading Screen

Disney Magic Kingdoms has just revealed everything coming out in the next update, which will be themed to the Pixar film Ratatouille. We are going to take you through all the new content coming out in this update, as well as trying to unpack the hint given towards the next update of the game.

The update will come out on Tuesday, January 26th, and you will be able to earn the characters and attractions after you complete the Emperor's New Groove storyline. There will be a leadership event to earn the Remy's Ratatouille Adventure attraction that is available to all players, even ones who haven't made it to the Ratatouille stage of the game yet. It will take place from February 4th to the 9th.

Ratatouille Disney Magic Kingdoms Game Stained Glass Logo

We will also take you through other changes to the game that will be coming in this update, the first of 2021.




Colette (Premium)


Geustau's Kitchen

Remy's Ratatouille Adventure (

Concessions Stand

Chef's Hat Stand (Tapper Event)

Ratatouille Dish Stand


Ratatouille Gold Trophy

Parade Float

Ratatouille Parade Float

New Land

There is no new land in this update.

Character Limit

Disney Magic Kingdoms gave an update on the 75 character limit saying that it will not be addressed in this update but will probably be addressed in the next update.

Lunar New Year

There is a special series of Lunar New Year events that will give you a chance to earn the Ratatouille concessions as well as other special content. These will be tapper events available to all players.

All of the Mickey and Friends character's Lunar New Year costumes will also be available in various ways through this update.

Gold Trophy Event

There will be a series of special events to earn a Ratatouille Trophy with the two events starting on January 28th and March 4th.

The Gold Trophy event is also getting a much-needed overhaul in this update, giving it a home screen that will make the update a lot easier to manage as characters involved in these challenges are constantly changing.

Other Changes

There is going to be a new gem button on the main screen that will alert you when you can watch an ad to earn a gem. It is a nice change that will make this feature easier to access.

Hollywood Tower Hotel Tower Of Terror Disney Magic Kingdoms Game Attraction

Hollywood Tower Hotel is now enchantable, and will help earn new tokens if you level it up.

A few characters are having their tasks time lengths changed in this update in relation to the new content.

Next Event Hint

Disney Magic Kingdoms did not give as obvious of a hint as they normally do for the next update, but we do know what kind of update it will be.

It will be another mini limited-time event like Mandalorian. They stated it will involve less than 7 characters and will not have an event stage.

This is somewhat disappointing as prior to Brave there not been a full limited-time event since Hercules in July. Hopefully, we don't go that long between them again. But at the same time, these are normally reserved for new films, and there has really only been one significant Disney Pixar release since then in Soul. The game has also already used most films with enough characters to full a full event at this point from Disney's past movies. At least the mini-events have grown in size and complexity over the last year.

We are going to dive into predictions for the next event more elaborately for a new article coming out tomorrow.