Top 5 Immersive Hotels That Should Come To Walt Disney World

Disney Adventurer

Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Concept Art Disney World

One of the most exciting projects that is coming to Disney World soon is the immersive Star Wars Galactic Star Cruiser Hotel. This will fully immerse you in the Star Wars universe for a multi day experience with entertainment, restaurants, and more.

But Disney shouldn't stop there, as there are so many other properties they own that would make for a great immersive hotel experience. So here are five different ideas for immersive hotels that Disney should consider building in Walt Disney World.

5. Arendelle

Elsa Coronation Scene Frozen Live at the Hyperion Disney California Adventure

Imagine a few days long experience that recreates the events of the first Frozen film as if you were a citizen of Arendelle. You would be able to enjoy appearances and performances by characters like Anna and Elsa, and experience as the hotel magically transitioned into a summer winter in the middle of Florida.

This could be a fun interactive experience that allowed you to fully explore locations from the film as the film is recreated around you in an imaginative new way.

4. Hollywood Tower Hotel

Hollywood Tower Hotel Tower Of Terror Lit Up At Night Disney's Hollywood Studios

What fan of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror hasn't imagined spending a night inside a version of its Hollywood Tower Hotel. While a hotel would probably not feature an insane elevator ride, it could present its own fun adventures. Imagine entering a classic Hollywood style hotel filled with live jazz music, when gradually during your stay things start to go wrong, maybe recreating the events of that famous night shown in the ride's preshow.

There is a lot they could do with this haunted hotel concept without even using Twilight Zone, but adding that in adds in a whole other set of potential storylines to tell.


WALLE presents two different connected dystopias, the destroyed Earth, and the remnants of humanity surviving on an intergalactic cruise ship, the Axiom. That Axiom presents a perfect world for an immersive hotel, potentially allowing you to experience your own journey with WALLE, EVE, and other familiar robots. This could be a high tech hotel catering to your every need, while also recreating moments from the film. 

Imagine seeing WALLE and EVE dancing outside your space window in your hotel room, or watching animatronics of them roll down the hall. All these experiences could happen in this kind of an immersive hotel.

2. Indiana Jones

If you enjoyed the classic Indiana Jones films, wouldn't it be fun to join Indy on an adventure to discover the next mythological treasure. There are so many potential options for this hotel. It could be anything from a base camp to a temple, and feature all your traditional hotel amenities alongside stunts, escape rooms, puzzles, treasure hunts, and more. Add in a few appearances by Dr. Jones himself and a few sidekicks and you have a great few days long experience.

1. Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion Building Magic Kingdom Disney World

The Haunted Mansion consistently remains as one of the most popular Disney attractions of all time, and it could be the perfect inspiration for an immersive hotel. Giving you the chance to just explore a walkthrough version of the iconic ride alone would be an experience a lot of Disney super fans would surely pay for.

There are also countless opportunities for special experiences in this hotel. Turn to ballroom into an interactive theater style restaurant complete with dancing ghosts. Give you a chance to search for the 999 happy haunts. Hide some ghostly magic in each room. Theres just so much you could do here and I've merely scratched the surface.

What immersive hotel do you want to see Disney build? Let us know in the comments below!