Sky Rocket II Roller Coaster Review

Coaster Round Up

The Sky Rocket II is currently one of the most popular mass-produced roller coasters on the market, and that is for good reason. This coaster produced by Premier Rides packs a ton of thrills into a small layout.

The Sky Rocket II currently has nine versions operating in the world, and personally, I have experienced two of them, Tempesto at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Phobia Phear Coaster in Lake Compounce.

There are two different versions of this coaster, so we are going to be reviewing the whole coaster then comparing the differences between the two models of the coaster.

The Coaster

This coaster features multiple launches forwards and backwards that causes some great out of your seat moments as you fall back before completing the entire layout.

The launch is forceful, but the most notable thing about this coaster model is how remarkably smooth it is. There is relatively no shaking at all on this coaster allowing you to fully experience the elments, including the slow inversion at the top of the layout that gives you a few seconds of hangtime.

But your experience on the coaster beyond this widely varies on which version of the ride you get on.

Comparing The Two Versions

There are two main different versions of the Sky Rocket II you can currently find in different amusement parks and the main difference between them is the type of restraints used on the coaster trains.

The SeaWorld parks utilize over the shoulder style restraints on their versions of the ride. This was the first version of the ride I went on and I didn't love it. It felt overly restrictive and prevented you from feeling much of the forces that happen on this coaster. It uncomfortable, and actually unnecessary.

The other version, found on pretty much any version of the attraction not in a SeaWorld owned park, only features a lap bar. This is by far the superior version. The hanging you get on the wonderfully slow inversion on the lap bar version of the Sky Rocket II is one of the best inversions I have ever experienced on any coaster. You feel every force on this version of the coaster and it is amazing.

The shoulder restraint version is fine, but the lap bar version is a must ride attraction that is great as a coaster, let alone a mass produced coaster.

What is your opinion of the Sky Rocket II and which is your favorite version of this coaster? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!