Galaxy's Edge Cut Third Attraction: Never Built Disney Studios

Never Built Disney Studios

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Star Wars Galaxy's Edge is one of the best Disney lands ever built, but there is one attraction that was canceled late in the plans for this land, denying it what surely would have been a significantly beloved attraction.

Planned for the land would have been a third attraction based on the Star Wars franchise that would have been different from the other two attractions. It was not set to have any story and would have taken place largely outside. This would have been a Bantha themed attraction.

This ride was connected to either Banthas or Dewbacks at various stages of development, both large Star Wars alien species that have been depicted as livestock like creatures used to transport both people and supplies in various Star Wars stories. It would have featured one of these, Banthas in the final version, transporting guests around the land.

The ride was set to be something of a Star Wars version of the Peoplemover, but much more technologically advanced. The ride vehicles would have featured large Star Wars creatures moving guests along a trackless pathway.

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This would have been a new usage of this trackless Disney technology, making for the first outside elaborate use of this technology beyond the extent of a flat ride.

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This ride was reportatly canceled alongside numerous other never built elements of the land due to the ever increasing budget of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge. It is disappointing this never got built as the land could really use a calmer attraction. Both rides are more intense attractions, and this would have given younger fans something to enjoy in the Star Wars universe.

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