Tigger Disney Character Tribute

Tigger Character Plaza Inn Breakfast Disneyland

Tigger is one of the most playful Disney characters you can meet in the parks, found in Disney resorts around the world. He can be found hopping from place to place alongside his friends from the Hundred Acre Woods.

He has become a regular feature of permanent meet and greets and character meals, with his fun energetic attitude, and size which towers over the children who come to meet him.

Tigger in Critter Country Disneyland

Tigger is the second most popular character from the Winnie the Pooh franchise, behind the famous bear himself, appearing almost as often in his iconic look.

Winnie The Pooh Characters Halloween Costumes Disney World

He also gets a special pirate outfit most years for the Halloween season which is a fun way to see him for the season.

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