Snow White Disney Character Tribute

Evil Queen and Snow White In Front Of Story Book Canal Boats Disneyland

Snow White was the first Disney Princess and one of the most iconic Disney characters of all time. As such, she is one of the most popular characters to be found in Disney Parks around the world.

Snow White Signing Autographs in Disneyland

Snow White has appeared almost everywhere in the Disney Parks over the years, from the original Disneyland to pretty much every park around the world.

Snow White Character Disney's Hollywood Studios

She always appears in her iconic blue, yellow, and red dress, and often has appeared alongside other famous characters from her film. She has appeared alongside everyone from the seven dwarfs, her prince, and the Evil Queen.

Snow White Character Cinderella's Royal Table Magic Kingdom

Disney as we know it would not exist without Snow White and it is wonderful to see her still so present in the Disney Parks.