WandaVison Premiere: Review and First Reactions

Disney Plus

WandaVison 1950s First Episode Title Card Disney Plus Marvel Series

WandaVision is the first Marvel original TV series to premiere on Disney Plus and it is now jump starting phase four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a completely new direction from what we have seen before, taking an experimental approach to the superhero genre.

The premiere featured the first two episodes which we will review individually before going into some first reactions as to the series as a whole. From here on out there is a spoiler warning for the first two episodes of WandaVision. 

Episode 1

Wanda Maximoff Putting Plates Away WandaVision 1950s Disney Plus Marvel

We have seen Marvel embrace various genres before, from action to comedy but this is their first attempt at a more traditional sitcom format, complete with an ever-present laugh track.

The episode is a callback to classic 50s sitcoms, most notably the Dick Van Dyke Show, with all of the characters taking on the characteristics of the time period. It has all the elements of classic suburban sitcoms like the next-door neighbor to the easy to resolve one episode conflict. One notable omission, especially for the Marvel universe, is any notable action sequences.

Agnes 1950s WandaVision Neighbor Disney Plus Marvel

We quickly see that Wanda and Vision, as they are known to their neighboors, are hiding their powers from the world in an attempt to live a normal life. Vison has a job, and Wanda is seen as a traditional American housewife.

Vision at Work WandaVision 1950s Episode Disney Plus

But once we get to Vision's job things begin to appear off. No one seems to know what they actually do at the job beyond computing, providing the first clue that not everything is as it seems in this seemingly perfect suburban utopia.

WandaVison Toaster With Red Blinking Light Disney Plus Commercial

A commercial built into the episode also provides hints that something is wrong. The entire episode is presented in black and white, fitting the time period, except for a single red blinking light on the toaster in the commercial.

The storyline for the rest of the episode involves Wanda and Vision having to impress Vision's boss at a diner party following a misunderstanding, all while hiding their powers. At this party, there is another hint at the strange nature of this sitcom world.

Mrs. Hart Laughing 1950s Episode WandaVision Disney Plus

At one point Vision's boss, Mr. Hart begins to choke, but his wife just continues to laugh as he gasps for breath and falls to the floor. It appears she is unable to break from the conventions of the sitcom she is living in, even as her husband's life is threatened. Vision then only steps in to help after being instructed to do so by Wanda.

The episode sets up an interesting slow-burning mystery with several hints as to the broader story, including a sword logo we will discuss later. All of this set within a callback to classic sitcoms that is fun to watch on its own without the broader mystery.

WandaVision Appearing On Screen 1950s Episode Marvel Disney Plus

But at the conclusion of the episode, there is one big reveal, that all of this has been taking place within or being viewed by an outside party on some kind of computer by an unseen person. This explains why things do not seem right without fully explaining what is happening, allowing speculation to loom over the second episode.

Wanda and Vision On Couch 1950s Episode Disney Plus Marvel WandaVision

Episode 2

WandaVision Separate Beds 1960s Episode Disney Plus Marvel

Episode 2 continues the sitcoms format, now updating it to the 1960s, starting with an obvious tribute to the separate beds of married couples of the era.

This episode though does not allow us to linger as long in the sitcom atmosphere, almost instantly introducing us to another issue with the world, this time a mysterious sound coming from outside that sounds vaguely like a muted explosion-filled fight that is all too common in previous Marvel media.

Animated Wanda and Vision Flying WandaVision Intro Episode 2 1960s Disney Plus

This is quickly dismissed as a tree before transitioning into the episode's opening sequence, this time an animated intro.

WandaVision Magic Show Rehearsal 1960s Episode Disney Plus

We then jump into the sitcom plot for the episode, Wanda and Vision prepping to perform a magic show at the town's talent show later that day, utilizing purposely bad effects to mask their powers. They rehearse their act before each heading off to a meeting, Wanda a planning meeting for the talent show and Vision a meeting to discuss security in the neighborhood.

Wanda Maximoff Holding Red Helicopter Toy WandaVision Marvel Disney Plus

Before this can happen though, Wanda encounters a red and yellow toy helicopter in her yard, appearing confused at its sudden appearance. She is then interrupted by her neighbor to take her to the meeting without being able to fully investigate the object.

Both meetings initially go well, before each is interrupted. In Vision's case, he accidentally swallows some gum, and it begins messing with his mechanics.

WandaVision 1960s Radio Marvel Disney Plus

Wanda's interruption is more complicated howerver, involving her being contacted through a mysterious radio communication that asks who is doing this to her. She and the head of the planning committee can hear this and it stops them both completely.

WandaVision Red Blood Broken Glass Scene Disney Plus Marvel

It ends when her neighbor breaks a glass, causing red blood to come from her hand.

Wanda Maximoff Performing Talent Show Magic Act WandaVision Marvel Disney Plus

We then move to a talent show, where a confused Vision keeps actually using his powers, requiring Wanda to use hers to cover for him. This ends up causing them to be misinterpreted as a comedy act, winning an award at the talent show.

Pregnant Wand Maximoff In WandaVision Marvel Disney Plus

The couple then heads home, where Wanda is all of a sudden visibly pregnant, to their collective joy.

Sword Beekeeper Appears From Manhole WandaVision Marvel Disney Plus

Then, we begin to once again hear noises outside, with Wanda and Vision going outside to check on what is happening. What they come across is a person in a beekeeper's outfit emerging from the manhole cover in the center of their street. The outfit has the same sword logo that has kept appearing throughout the series thus far.

Wanda and Vision Kiss In Color WandaVision Episode 2 Marvel Disney Plus

Wanda quickly snaps out of her sitcom-like manner and sets time backward to prevent this from happening, moving back inside the house and setting time forward, this time on screen. The house and the characters transform into color as the episode closes.

First Reactions

Vision Transforming Into Color WandaVision Marvel Disney Plus

While the broader mystery is still underdeveloped at the moment, the show definitely has built an intriguing premise. Someone has apparently trapped Wanda inside a time jumping sitcom surrounded by others potentially just as oblivious as her.

But she certainly appears to have at least a basic awareness of what is going on and does not want to leave.

Talent Show Planning Meeting WandaVision Disney Plus

There are so many questions right now as to what is going on, most obviously who trapped her here? Was it Hydra, who we see a logo for in the second episode? Is it the Marvel organization SWORD or are they trying to save her? Did she trap herself even?

This is just one of the many mysteries of the show, alongside other questions like how is Vision alive and who are these other people in this sitcom each week.

The show has been advertised as a sitcom when it might also be described as a slow-building mystery show that will continue to develop over the coming weeks, with smaller hints gradually building in each episode.

What are your biggest questions right now? Have any predictions? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.