Earful Tower at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Extinct Disney Tribute

Earful Tower Backlot Tour Disney MGM Studios Disney World

In the early days of Disney MGM Studios and Disney's Hollywood Studios, its icon was found along its Backlot, with an earfully clever design.

The Earful Tower was an early icon of the park, being themed as a movie studio water tower featuring a roof inspired by Mickey Mouse. Parts of the opening special were filmed atop this location and it quickly became one of the most famous locations in the park.

Earful Tower Disney's Hollywood Studios

The tower was located on the Studio Backlot Tour attraction of the park and you would pass it during the route of that attraction. It remained with the same basic design, except it changed slightly when the park's name was changed to reflect the new theme of the park.

Earful Tower Behind Walt Disney's Plane Disney MGM Studios

The Earful Tower would no longer be the icon of the park starting with the construction of the Sorcerer's Hat, and it became just a part of one of the attractions of the park.

Eventually, when the park began to be transformed in a massive refurbishment that brought Toy Story Land, this icon was removed, and the park lost its original icon along with the original theme of movie-making.

This structure is still fondly remembered by longtime Disney fans as the first icon of the third park of Walt Disney World.