The Barnstormer at Mickey's Toontown Fair: Extinct Disney Parks Tribute

Extinct Disney Tribute

The Barnstormer Toontown Fair at Halloween Magic Kingdom Disney World

Mickey's Toontown was always meant to be a temporary land at the Magic Kingdom, but it was made to feel like it had been there forever, with every attraction given a full backstory and Disney levels of theming. This was especially true with the main ride of the land was The Barnstormer.

This was a kiddie roller coaster themed based on a farm run by Goofy.

Inside the Barn Barnstormer Toontown Fair Magic Kingdom Disney World

While you walk through the queue line, you go through the barn at Wiseacre Farms which has been used as Goofy's workshop, where you can see a miniature model of the ride vehicle you will board on the coaster. Next to the model, you can see some blueprints of the ride as well, and you may even see it pass above you. There were also audio-animatronic chickens that were reused from World of Motion in Epcot.

At this point, you approach the ride station and board your ride vehicles, assumably put together by Goofy.

On the ride you would ride a largely unthemed coaster, with the main element being when you smashed through the barn queue line building at a high speed, through a cartoon-like shaped hole of the ride vehicle

The Barnstormer Coaster Brake Run Magic Kingdom Toontown Fair Disney World

After completing the ride layout, you would break just before the station, and often have to wait as it took longer most times to load the other coaster train than it did to actually experience the ride.

The Barnstormer Mickey's Toontown Magic Kingdom Disney World

This ride was one of the least themed experiences in all of Walt Disney World, but it was meant to be. Its theme was a flying contraption put together by Goofy, which fit the unthemed coaster track quite well, and passing through the barn provided a visual icon for both riders and onlookers.

The ride would survive the closure of Toontown Fair, but its theme would not. Instead, it got a new theme based on Goofy as a circus performer, befitting the ride's new home in Storybook Circus. The land was built around it, and it continues to operate through to today, albeit without its namesake barn.