Top 5 Problems With Disney Magic Kingdoms Game

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Disney Magic Kingdoms Giant Heads April Fools Joke

Disney Magic Kingdoms is a popular mobile game based on building your own Disney Park, and it constantly gets new updates adding new fun events and Disney characters to the game. But there are still a few problems with the game that need addressing in future updates.

We are going to run through five problems with the game that hopefully can get fixed in the near future.

1. Leadership Events

Leadership events have become largely impossible for anyone to win without spending money or a significant number of gems in recent updates. It seems within minutes each one the top tier is completely filled with people who paid their way to the top. This isn't to say you shouldn't be able to do that, but that can't be the only way to win.

2. 75 Character Limit

Jack Skellington Welcome Screen Disney Magic Kingdoms

This is a more recent feature, but one that has become a real nuisance. Limiting the number of characters to add new land is understandable, but 75 is too low, especially for those later in the game who may be working on many character sets at once. It also makes it take so much longer to earn the massive amounts of magic needed for the larger purchases later in the game.

3. Land Shortage

This has been the most consistent problem throughout the game's entire history. There has never been enough land to feature all of the attractions and other content on the game's map. While they have been addressing it in recent updates it has been a problem for far too long and they are still behind. What they really need to do is square off other lands like they did with Tomorrowland, which alone would give so much added space.

4. Ad Issues

Gems Building in Disney Magic Kingdoms

Issues with watching ads are some of the most common glitches with the game, most recently happening to almost everyone during the Brave event. This is far from a new occurrence and something the game can hopefully address and fix in future updates.

5. Not Fully Implementing New Features

This is more of a general annoyance, that the game has a tendency to fail to fully implement a new feature. The game still hasn't added enchantments to all of the attractions, and they haven't expanded thrill zones beyond the California Screamin area. It is just a bit strange to have elements half-implemented for extended periods of time.