How Should Disney Use Pixar's Soul In The Disney Parks?

Joe Gardner Playing Piano in Classroom Pixar Soul Disney Plus

Pixar's Soul was released on Christmas day on Disney Plus to generally positive reviews from critics and fans alike, enjoying a new original outing from Pixar, unlike anything they had done before, exploring the afterlife and life's purpose.

So now that Disney has a new hit, the question emerges of how they should use Pixar's Soul in their parks, and we are going to look at different approaches they could take.

The easiest way to bring Soul to the parks would be a meet and greet character based on one or multiple characters from the film, most likely Joe. This character could foreseeably be included into parades and meet with guests, although I wouldn't expect Disney to be adding new characters to the parks until after the pandemic.

Island of Manhattan in Pixar's Soul Animated Disney Plus

One major problem with using Soul in the Disney Parks is its location. The film primarily takes place in New York City, and Disney really doesn't have many areas in their parks themed after New York City. The only main place themed based on it is in Tokyo DisneySea, and that takes place in the past, not the present like Soul.

If they wanted to create a location based on the film, they would need to make one, as there is no easy place to bring it to the park.

The Great Beyond in Pixar Soul Disney Plus

The other locations in the film aren't exactly easy to create or even inviting either. I can't imagine many people want to visit The Great Beyond.

The Great Before Pixar Soul Disney Plus

The Great Before on the other hand while more inviting wouldn't be easy to create and there isn't really a lot that could be done there. All of this is to say that a ride or land based on Soul isn't realistic.

Pixar Soul Half Note Club Entrance Disney Plus

But there is a perfect way to incorporate Soul into the Disney Parks, a jazz club recreating the Half Note Club with the Dorothea Williams Quartet.

One of the best parts of the film was its music, featuring jazz music from many sources, from a middle school band, to a professional jazz quartet, to individual piano solos. This would be the best way in my opinion to bring the film to the parks.

Half Note Club At Night Pixar Soul Disney Plus

Disney could recreate either the Half Note Club or another jazz club in the style of it inspired by the visuals, characters, and music of Soul. It would be easier to incorporate this into a preexisting area, and hopefully, be successful.

Prior to the pandemic, Disney was investing more in highly themed dining experiences, from various expansions in Disney Springs, to Lamplight Lounge in Pixar Pier and more. If Disney continues this trend, Soul would be a perfect inspiration for a jazz club.

Dorothea Williams Playing Saxophone Half Note Club Pixar Soul

This spot could include live music, either by a live Dorothea Williams Quartet or other musical groups similar in style.

This would be a perfect fit in Pixar Pier if they choose to expand the land, and it could also be the perfect fit for a new location in Disney Springs, which already has dining locations inspired by hit films.

Soul could create some incredibly interesting Disney Parks experiences, Disney just needs to be creative with it.