Navi River Journey Disney's Animal Kingdom Guide

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Opening Date: May 27th, 2017

Navi River Journey is a majestic boat ride through the wilderness of Pandora at night. It tells no story, and instead exists merely as an immersive experience.

This ride allows you to experience the bioluminescent forest of Pandora at any time of day, and enjoy them in all their wonder.

It also features one of the most impressive animatronics of all time as the finale of this attraction.


Thrill Rating 1/10

This is a low intensity, slow-moving boat ride that is one of the calmest experiences in Walt Disney World.

COVID19 Information

The queue has been altered to make it safer to wait in line for this attraction.

Special Information

When the final animatronic is out for repairs, there is an alternate version of the final scene.