Monsters Inc Door Coaster: Never Built Disney Studios

Never Built Disney Studios

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One of the most consistent rumors for Disney's Hollywood Studios for over a decade has been that there is a proposed concept for a Monsters Inc themed roller coaster constantly almost getting built inside the park.

This proposed ride, which has been alluded to by former Disney officials was set to be a roller coaster inspired by the doors scene from the original Monsters Inc film. It would have been at least a moderately themed indoor rollercoaster.

Suspended Cobra Roll Silver Bullet Knotts Berry Farm Roller Coaster

It was never made entirely clear what type of roller coaster this would have been, although it would have used some kind of suspended roller coaster design. 

Reports state that it have been worked into one of the unutilized soundstages in the park and it would have combined roller coaster and dark ride segments.

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While this apparently was in consideration for quite some time, it was dismissed strongest in the late 2000s. By this point, Disney's Hollywood Studios had become home to many of the most significant thrill attractions at Walt Disney World, and it really did not make sense to add another one, especially not one based on a children's film.

What the park really needed was more child-friendly attractions, and that is what it eventually got with additions like Toy Story Midway Mania, and Toy Story Land after it.

Monsters Inc has gotten two rides built in the Disney Parks, but both are dark rides, and a roller coaster based on the film has never been made a reality.

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This may have been one of the most interesting Disney roller coasters ever built, and have been a first for the Disney Parks, the first-ever suspended roller coaster. It remains one of the most unique never built Disney attractions.

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