How To Improve Six Flags New England

Coaster Round Up

Six Flags New England Entrance Topiary

Six Flags New England is one of the best amusement parks in New England. Located in southern Massachusetts it has several world-class coasters including Superman The Ride and Wicked Cyclone as well as an impressive collection of additional coasters and attractions.

But the park is far from perfect, so we are going to imagine various ways to improve the park, realistically, in the next few years.

Goliath Lift Hills Six Flags New England

One of the strangest elements of Six Flags New England has always been that there are two boomerang coasters right next to each other, Flashback and Goliath. It is a bit repetitive, even though they are different types of boomerangs, with one being inverted and one being a normal model. To improve the park, one of these really should be removed, likely Goliath due to its continual maintenance issues over the years.

Neither of these being removed opens up a large plot of land, but it could hold a smaller roller coaster. My recommendation would be to replace one of these coasters an RMC raptor which would give the park a new type of roller coaster at a relatively low cost. It would be a first not only for the park, but the entire region, hopefully giving the park a new draw.

The Amazing Houdini Lives Queue Line Six Flags New England

Another thing the park could really use is more indoor attractions. During the summer months when this park is open, it rains constantly at the park, yet it only has two significant entirely indoor attractions, Houdini and Cyborg.

The best way to do this would be to enclose an existing ride, and there are plenty of potential candidates. Some easy options would be Gotham City Gauntlet, which was built on a location initially earmarked for an indoor coaster, or a relatively small flat ride like Fireball.

Batman The Dark Night Coaster Entrance Six Flags New England

The final thing the park desperately needs is a launch coaster. I would suggest a Sky Rocket II, but Lake Compounce, another smaller park about an hour away has one, making it impractical to build one here. Six Flags would have to add another launch coaster here, likely not a cloned one. Potentially this could be their next big addition, which they need given it has been almost four years since their last coaster, and that was a clone.

But where could this go?

Looney Tunes Movie Town Entrance Six Flags New England

The park really doesn't have any unutilized expansion space, so it would have to replace something. As the park has two child areas, I would say to have it replace one of them. Whenever I am there the Looney Tunes section is empty, so I would say replace that one, and maybe relocate some of the rides elsewhere in the park if possible.

This would give room for a fairly large coaster, combined with the fact it also borders a forest that could give a little more space to the attraction.

Mind Eraser Roller Coaster Six Flags New England

The park has improved a lot in recent years, with new rides like Wicked Cyclone, and improvements to longstanding rides like Riddler's Revenge (the former Mind Eraser) but they still have plenty of ways to improve.

Six Flags New England Exit Sign

What would you like to see added to Six Flags New England? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

Wicked Cyclone Six Flags New England RMC Coaster