Disney's Never Built Muppet Land: Never Built Disney Studios

Never Built Disney Studios

Muppets Fountain Streets of America Disney MGM Studios Walt Disney World

For most of Disney World's history, Disney's Hollywood Studios has been the main home of The Muppets, but their presence was actually intended to be much greater. Disney almost built an entire land based on the classic characters.

But this never happened, and it is one of the strangest and most depressing stories of any never built Disney project.

Disney MGM Studios Grand Opening Display Walt Disney World

Disney MGM Studios as the park was originally built had very few attractions. It was built quickly in anticipation of Universal building its similar studio themed park in Orlando, with the main goal being to open first. This left the park with sizable phase two plans due to the small size of its first phase.

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Many of these plans ended up happening like Tower of Terror and Star Tours, but the plans for a Muppet themed land fell through at the last second.

Disney was in talks to acquire the entire Jim Henson Company at roughly this time, and Disney was eager to bring their newest property into the parks. This project was worked on with direct involvement from Jim Henson to bring a studio themed Muppet land to the park.

The attraction furthest in development was MuppetVision 3D that would have been one of two main attractions in the land alongside a Muppet parody of the Great Movie Ride. It was filmed long before the land was built, being rumored to be planned for not only Walt Disney World but also Disneyland.

Unfortunately right as the deal was being closed, Jim Henson passed away, ending negotiations and the plans for a full Muppet land. 

MuppetVision 3D Grand Avenue Disney's Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World

In the aftermath of this Disney would gain only the theme park rights to the Muppets, allowing one of Jim Henson's final projects, MuppetVision 3D to be realized as it was intended, a full theme park attraction.

Muppets Parade Float Disney Stars and Motor Cars Disney's Hollywood Studios

The Muppets would never bet a full theme park land, being relegated to one attraction and occasional appearances in various parades and show.

Recently though, The Muppets have started appearing more in the Disney Parks, although never in a centralized location as originally intended.