Should Busch Gardens Williamsburg Get An RMC Raptor or Hybrid

Coaster Round Up

Verbolten Train Leaving Station Roller Coaster Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Busch Gardens Williamsburg is an amazing amusement park filled with world-class coasters. But there are still several coaster types that could make the park an even better place to visit. So today we are discussing if the park should get a hybrid RMC style roller coaster in the near future.

We already know what the next two major additions will be to Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Pantheon being next years addition, and assuming plans have not changed due to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, a shuttle coaster rumored to be called Drachen Spire will be the next addition replacing the old Drachen Fire location. So any additions we are talking about are still a few days away.

Typically, SeaWorld parks get similar additions at about the same time. That's why a lot of parks are getting launched shuttle coasters right now. Soon, the first SeaWorld owned RMC will open with Iron Gwazi, and if it is a success, Busch Gardens could be the perfect place to add the next one.

Now if they do get an RMC, it would likely have to differentiate itself from its main neighbor in Virginia, Kings Dominion, who has Twisted Timbers. I believe they could do this with either a different kind of RMC hybrid, or a raptor.

If they went the more traditional hybrid route, I think they could lean in to what Busch Gardens Williamsburg has always done best, terain coasters.

Apollo's Chariot Drop Festa Italia Busch Gardens Williamsburg

The hilly layout of Busch Gardens Williamsburg has always created coasters that could never exist anywhere else in the world, from Apollo's Chariot to Loch Ness Monster. A hybrid that leaned into this could be amazing, and considering the park doesn't have any coasters ready for a conversion (its only wooden coaster is the relatively new InvadR) it would need to be a ground up hybrid.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Satellite View

Let us also keep in mind, the park still has a massive amount of expansion space if they want it, although much of it would require a lot of changes to the existing park in order to use. However the park also has a history of building coasters on top of one another, which could create a really interesting hybrid if done right.

But what may be more likely is the addition of a RMC raptor to the park.

This is a ride system that is growing in popularity in recent years. Also, it is less expensive than a typical coaster, which is probably going to matter quite a lot in the next few years as parks recover from the COVID19 pandemic. It could fit on one of the existing small plots of land within the existing park or replace a simple flat ride.

This could be an economical addition to the park and be a first for the region, assuming they beat King's Dominion to building one. It would be a natural fit for the park and the moment in time for both the world and SeaWorld. The company isn't doing too well financially right now, even by SeaWorld standards, so this would be a great way to cause an attendence boost for a small investment.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Banbury Cross Land

The next steps for every park around the world is going to be impacted by the pandemic, and this may be the best situation for the next few years.