10 Facts About Expedition Everest at Disney's Animal Kingdom

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Expedition Everest Disney's Animal Kingdom Disney World

Expedition Everest is one of the most popular attractions at Disney's Animal Kingdom, taking you up the forbidden mountain on a tour before you come face to face with a massive mystical yeti trying to attack you.

To celebrate this attraction we are sharing 10 fun facts about this hit roller coaster.

1. Broken Yeti

The giant Yeti animatronic broke early on in the ride's history and has been using a strobe light to simulate movement ever since.

2. Backstory

Expedition Everest Big Drop Disney's Animal Kingdom Disney World

The ride has an in-depth backstory involving old tea trade rail lines being converted into a tourist escape.

3. Height

This is the tallest ride in Walt Disney World, beating the Tower of Terror by under one foot in height.

4. Expensive

Expedition Everest Construction Disney's Animal Kingdom Disney World

Until the opening of Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, this was the most expensive roller coaster ever built.

5. Authenticity

Expedition Everest Lift Hill Disney's Animal Kingdom Disney World

Throughout the attraction, you can find thousands of items that are actually from Nepal, making the ride feel more real.

6. Single Rider

This ride (at least before the pandemic) features a single rider line that allows you to skip much of the line if you are willing to ride alone.

7. Smoke Effect

Expedition Everest Entrance Sign Disney's Animal Kingdom

There is a special smoke effect on the trains of the attraction that only works in the station of the ride.

8. Forwards and Backwards

This is the first roller coaster in Walt Disney World to go both forwards and backwards in the same attraction.

9. Bird On a Stick

A famous part of the ride is the bird on a stick who appears in the broken track scene, flying above the mountains.

10. Launch

This ride features a launch inside the mountain to escape the yeti as he tears up the track.