How Disney Killed Figment: Disney Parks History

Disney Parks History

Artist Figment Journey Into Imagination Epcot Center Disney World

One of the most beloved lost Disney attractions of all time is the original version of Journey Into Imagination featuring Figment and Dreamfinder, but it was no mistake it got removed. Disney made choices that caused it to become less popular, and eventually get it removed altogether.

It all started with the opening of Honey I Srunk The Audience. At the time, the Honey I Shrunk franchise was at the peak of its popularity. Adding it to Epcot gave the park one of Disney's hottest properties to the park.

Dreamfinder in Opening Scene Journey Into Imagination Epcot Center Disney World

Disney made a real push for this attraction in its early days to ensure its success. But many of these moves also ended up hurting its neighbor Journey Into Imagination. The monorail spiel only mentioned Honey I Shrunk The Audience, not the ride staring Dreamfinder.

Disney also changed the main entrance of the Imagination Pavilion to be near the 3D theater, not the ride, which caused many to not even realize it was there, dramatically decreasing the number of people who rode it every day.

It is uncertain if this was intended to cause the loss in popularity of the ride or not. But the result was Disney ended up closing the ride due in large part to the loss of popularity.

This replacement resulted in Journey Into Your Imagination, which is widely regarded as one of the worst rides in Disney history. It removed both Dreamfinder and Figment (who got a small cameo) and gave the leading role to Nigel Channing (played by Eric Idle) who originally appeared in Honey I Shrunk The Audience.

The downfall of Figment was entirely Disney's fault, and they quickly realized the error and brought him back in the much better Journey Into Imagination With Figment.

Disney in promoting a new ride, ended up killing a fan favorite attraction and character, and the impacts are still felt in Epcot to this day.