5 Most Beautiful Amusement Park Settings

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Batman The Dark Knight Floorless Roller Coaster Six Flags New England

Amusement parks and theme parks attempt to transport you and give you a fun, thrilling, and entertaining experience outside of your normal life. The best parks make you feel like you have left your life and entered another place, full of fun rides to enjoy. But some parks have an advantage over other parks by taking advantage of their natural settings.

Today we are counting down the five best settings for amusement parks, beyond whatever theming is present within the park itself. We are going to look at the natural setting of the park and how the park uses it to its advantage.

5. Dollywood

This park is surrounded by the Smokey Mountains and it makes for a wonderful setting for an amusement park. The rides and pathways all snake through the hilly landscape, and the roller coaster often has to work around the environment, making for some unique attractions in the park. The setting helped to make this park what it is, and its landscape is a large part of its identity.

4. Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Six Flags Fiesta Texas is one of the most unique Six Flags parks. Located in an old limestone quarry, some of its most striking features are not its rides, but its cliff-like walls of stone that dominate the park. Several rides make use of these stone walls in their layouts, including Superman Krypton Coaster and Iron Rattler, adding to the value of this park's impressive setting.

3. Six Flags New England

Wicked Cyclone RMC Roller Coaster Six Flags New England

This park is located along the edge of the Connecticut River and this setting is wonderful. The park, prior to its Six Flags days was even named for its Riverside setting. You can see the river from a lot of the park due to its sloping layout, but where its setting becomes most valuable is in its flagship attraction, Superman The Ride. You get an amazing view of this beautiful river from every point on the first half of the ride, from the lift hill, to any of the airtime hills parallel to the river. This coaster is amazing on its own, but combined with its setting it's world-class.

2. Cedar Point

Cedar Point is almost entirely surrounded by Lake Erie, allowing many of the roller coasters to take full advantage of its coastal setting. So many of the rides parallel the lake, including the parks iconic Millenium Force. Every towering ride in this park gives such amazing views of the lake, making for a great setting for one of the best roller coaster parks in the world.

1. Busch Gardens Williams

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Entrance Land

Busch Gardens Williamsburg has won the Golden Ticket Award for Best Landscaping every year since its inception, and for good reason. This park is a sprawling mass of hills, flowers, trees, and rivers, all with rides and roller coasters immaculately worked in with the environment. Every coaster in this park perfectly fits in with its environment, and the park's hills have led to some completely unique coasters that only exist because of the setting of Busch Gardens Williamsburg.