Top 5 Ways To Waste Gems In Disney Magic Kingdoms

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Disney Magic Kingdoms Level Up Screen Pluto and Mickey

Gems are the premium currency of Disney Magic Kingdoms, and unless you are willing to spend money on them, you are going to need to conserve them to only use them and only use them when you really need to.

So we are going to share some of the main ways you can waste gems inside Disney Magic Kingdoms, to help you preserve them to proceed through the storyline and events faster, and earn the maximum number of characters.

1. Speeding Up Tasks

Buzz Jessie and Woody Defeat Zurg in Disney Magic Kingdoms

Speeding up tasks is by far the most common way to waste gems in the game. From new land, to welcoming characters, to building things and more, it is almost always better to just wait for whatever task you would speed up. The one exception is some limited time events, where speeding up tasks can be the only way to finish if you fall behind.

2. Premium Permanent Characters

Premium permanent characters in the game can be helpful, especially some of the eariler ones, being useful for both speeding up the storyline and during select limited time events. But specifically the later ones in the game cost way more than they are worth. Its harder to justify the sometimes over 500 gems for a character if you are just getting it to help out a limited amount when that would get you two event characters.

3. Resource/ Decoration/ Concession Chests

These various types of chests are not worth the amount of gems you spend on them for what you get. Maybe they would be if you could choose what decoration or concession you wanted, for greater control over what your park looks like, but with the purely random system you are more than likely just going to be getting something you already have or don't want.

4. Limited Time Event Chests

Rafiki Welcome Screen Disney Magic Kingdoms The Lion King

There are times it makes sense to get these chests, especially if you are a newer player and entirely missed an old event. In that case they are a great way to spend your gems. But if you are a later player who just missed a few things, this is a terrible way to spend your gems. The odds of these giving you what you want is incredibly slim, and you will likely end up just getting a bench.

5. Magic

You should NEVER spend gems on magic. It may be furstraiting to save up for some of the more expensive purchases, especially later in the game, but it is not worth it buying magic for gems. It is far from an even trade, and magic is just too easy to get. Yes it became harder with the recent 75 character limit, but your gems are too valuable to spend on something you can get for free.


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