What Comes After Ratatouille To Disney Magic Kingdoms: Raya and the Last Dragon, Finding Nemo, or The Little Mermaid

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Walt Disney and Mickey Partners Statue Disney Magic Kingdoms Game

Disney Magic Kingdoms has just announced that Ratatouille will be coming to the game in a permanent content update. They also announced that this update will be followed up by a mini limited-time event roughly timed to take place in mid-March based on what we know right now.

So what is going to be added in this mini update?

There was really no obvious clue in the Livestream like there normally is which makes predictions more difficult. The only thing that might have been a hint is they appeared to stress the word "current" in describing the event.

To me, this signifies either a water current, or an electrical current, both of which point to different films coming to the game. We are going to go through a few different guesses for what this could be.

Raya and the Last Dragon

Raya Wearing a Mask Raya and the Last Dragon Disney

The rough timing of this event would be perfect to come out alongside the currently planned release date for the next new Disney film, Raya and the Last Dragon. The game loves tying updates to new films, although they haven't done this as much since the pandemic's onset, as so many films have been delayed.

But given that this is coming out on Disney Plus, they may actually be able to tie into a new release once again like they did with the Mandalorian. This could tie into the current hint as the film is set to include a water dragon.

New Content For Water Films

King Triton Disney Magic Kingdoms Game The Little Mermaid

The game currently has two water-based films featured in the game, Finding Nemo and The Little Mermaid. Of these Finding Nemo seems the most natural fit for more content.

Bruce The Shark Disney Magic Kingdoms Game Finding Nemo

There are so many characters that could be added from both Finding Nemo films that would be a perfect fit in the game. Mr. Ray, Anchor and Chum, Destiny, Bailey, the Tank Gang, and more would be great additions to the game. There is also more content from the parks they could add, from Turtle Talk With Crush to the Tokyo DisneySea Finding Nemo attraction.


Bolt Mittens and Rhino Characters Walt Disney World

Current could also be referencing electrical current, which would obviously reference one Disney film, Bolt. This film really doesn't have enough characters for a full event, but it might have more than necessary for a typical permanent content update.

Bolt Rhino and Mittens Characters Disney's Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World

The three main animals, Bolt, Mittens, and Rhino are obvious choices, and Penny not too far behind them. There are also plenty of side characters that could fill out a full event, from Penny's mom, to the agent and more

Final Thoughts

Ursula Disney Magic Kingdoms Game The Little Mermaid

Any of these are likely guesses if the word current was even a clue. We really are going in pretty blind to this event so these predictions are very tentative.