Review: WandaVision Episode 4 We Interrupt This Program

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Darcy Lewis and Jimmy Woo Watch WandaVision Broadcast We Interrupt This Program

In the fourth episode of WandaVision, we get the first real answers about anything that's happening as the show abandons the format we have become used to in the first three episodes. We transition from a sitcom to a more traditional Marvel Cinematic Universe entry as the show examines what has happened through the last few episodes

From here on in a spoiler alert warning is in place.

Spoiler Warning

Monica Rambeau Reappearing From Thanos Snap Marvel WandaVison

We start outside of the town of Westview for the first time, following Monica Rambeau, who we had previously seen as a child in Captain Marvel. We learn that she had been snapped following her mother's surgery and we get to see the chaotic aftermath of the blip in a hospital.

Monica Rambeau In Hospital After The Snap Blip Is Reversed WandaVision Disney Plus

During this, we learn her mother and friend of Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) Maria Rambeau died three years before the events of Avengers Endgame that brought Monica back to life.

SWORD Headquarters From Above WandaVision We Interrupt This Program

We then jump ahead three weeks when Monica returns to work at SWORD, an agency previously directed by her mother, and as she has been grounded due to her late mother's rules in case the blipped agents came back, is sent to a missing person's case.

She arrives at the entrance of Westview where an FBI agent (Jimmy Woo from Ant Man) is interviewing two police officers who claim to have no knowledge of the town of Westview, despite standing right outside it in front of the town welcome sign.

Monica Rambeau Pulled Into Town of Westview WandaVision Disney Plus

After a short discussion and probe attempt, Monica then finds the barrier, which she is pulled into against her will.

SWORD Base Outside Westview WandaVision Marvel Disney Plus

Following this SWORD sets up a massive camp outside the town and barrier's limits and calls in experts to attempt to discover the origins of this anomaly.

Darcy Lewis First Appearance In WandaVision Marvel Disney Plus

This includes Darcy Luis (previously seen in the earthbound Thor films), who the remainder of the episode is centered around.

Darcy Lewis Tunes In To WandaVision Broadcast Disney Plus

Darcy is the first one to discover the transmission emitting from the barrier, which is apparently the sitcom we have been watching the past three episodes.

It can only be viewed on old TVs and is identical to what we have been seeing on Disney Plus, except when we zoomed out to see the actual SWORD base at a few key points.

Whiteboard of Questions WandaWision Episode Four We Interrupt This Program

They are confused as to why two Avengers are a part of this sitcom and begin an ongoing whiteboard of all of the questions brought on by this strange broadcast, including if Vision is actually dead or not and what the hexagons mean.

Residents of Westview Bulletin Board WandaVision Marvel Disney Plus

In the meantime, we learn almost everyone else in the town are actually real residents of the town being forced to play along in this sitcom, being added to an ever-growing list as they appear in the broadcast. The only notable omission is Agatha, who does not appear to have a real-world counterpart known by SWORD.

During all of this, the members of SWORD make multiple attempts to contact Wanda, amounting to some of the strange occurrences we have seen in the town, from the red helicopter being a SWORD drone, to the radio transmission, to the beekeeper being an agent.

SWORD Agents Watching Monica Rambeau as Geraldine Through Monitor WandaVision Marvel

They also watch Monica as she becomes a part of the sitcom, eventually leading to last week's encounter following her mention of Ultron, which is stated as the first mention of the real world by anyone in the broadcast.

Darcy then discovers from Monica's disappearance that Wanda has been censoring the broadcast, amounting for the strange time jumps we have seen when something strange happens.

Wanda Scarlet Witch Using Her Powers Against Monica Rambeau Geraldine WandaVision Disney Plus

We are then allowed to see what SWORD could not, what happened when the broadcast cut out.

Scarlet Witch Sends Monica Rambeau Through Bookcase WandaVision

We see Wanda use her Scarlet Witch powers to throw Monica (disguised as Geraldine) through her house wall and out of the town of Westview for bringing her momentarily back into reality by mentioning the death of her brother at the hands of Ultron.

Vision Walking While Dead WandaVision We Interrupt The Program Disney Plus

After this moment we see Wanda repair her house and go to talk to Vision, who she suddenly sees as dead, in the grey form we saw him at the end of Avengers Infinity War with his head destroyed in the former spot of the mind stone.

This suggests that he is actually still dead and merely being manifested by Wanda, who refuses to leave at the suggestion of Vision following seeing this. She seems to know he would not survive outside this reality, trapping them both in it.

Monica Rambeau It's All Wanda Outside Westview WandaVision Disney Plus

On the outside we see Monica exclaim to her fellow agents that everything is being done by Wanda, although we do not know more than that.

This episode breaks the format to give us some context to what we had seen and is mainly a return to form for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This also remains as one of the few views we have gotten into the Marvel world after the blip returns, and some of the new threats that are being faced in this reformed world.

While we did get some answers as to what was happening in the outside world, most of what is happening inside Westview remains a mystery. We now know Wanda is in control and has some level of awareness of what is happening to her, but it is unclear what knowledge the rest of the town has of the events unfolding around them.

SWORD is now left without a way to reach out to Wanda as she continues through her sitcom journey with many questions left to answer as we enter the latter half of the series.