California Screamin at Disney California Adventure: Extinct Disney Parks Tribute

Extinct Disney Tribute

Green Train California Screamin Launch Disney California Adventure

Disney roller coasters have brought all kinds of stories to life over the years, from a journey through a snow-capped mountain, to a runaway mine train, to a toy set. But one Disney attraction attempted to recreate the trill of a rollercoaster, with a roller coaster.

California Screamin opened with Disney California Adventure as one of the marquee attractions of the park. It utilized a modern steel coaster to recreate a classic boardwalk wooden coaster from the early days of beachside amusement parks.

California Screamin Paradise Pier Disney California Adventure

The ride was built into the layout of the land, passing alongside the land with its launch, with its track towering above Paradise Pier.

California Screamin Yellow Coaster at Launch Disney California Adventure

Over the years, the facade changed slightly, most notably the loop losing its Mickey ears and gaining a Paradise Pier sign, but the ride experience stayed essentially the same. It was the first and only coaster in the Disneyland Resort to feature an inversion.

While the ride featured no notable storyline, it did feature a great original soundtrack alongside a celebrity narration of the first launch by Neil Patrick Harris.

California Screamin Yellow Train Going Down Biggest Drop Disney California Adventure

The coaster was one of the visual icons of the park from day one, and was one of the longest coasters ever built when it opened.

California Screamin and Mickey's Fun Wheel Disney California Adventure

This was one of the few elements of DCA 1.0 that was a definitive hit. The coaster was loved for its thrills and providing an experience different than any other attraction in either of the two parks of the Disneyland Resort.

Paradise Pier at Sunset Panorama Disney California Adventure

This coaster survived through the entire history of Paradise Pier, even as neighboring experiences were rethemed to different Disney experiences. It would only close when the entire land did, to be rethemed as part of the Pixar Pier transformation.

The Incredicoaster continues to use the same coaster as the Incredicoaster, this time utilizing an Incredibles theme taking place at a dedication ceremony for the coaster in honor of the Incredibles. The retheme is even acknowledged in the preshow of the new coaster.

The ride lives on to this day, even if its theme does not.