Jolly Holiday Performed by the Dapper Dans Magic Kingdom

The Dapper Dans are one of the classic parts of the Magic Kingdom and tie the park to its rich history through their classic musical stylings, giving the parks a Disney infused barbershop style a capella quartet. They give life to Main Street USA with their harmonies and ever-growing catalog of songs to perform.

Each of their performances includes a collection of both Disney and non-Disney music and they are known to perform in numerous locations throughout Main Street USA in multiple different seasonal outfits.

For the performance we are featuring today, they are pictured in their fall outfits surrounded by the Halloween decorations near Town Square in Main Street USA. They perform the iconic song Jolly Holliday from the classic Disney live-action film Mary Poppins.

The song was originally sung by Dick Van Dyke, and is given wonderful harmonies in the arrangement performed by the Magic Kingdom Dapper Dans.

The Disney World Dapper Dans give the Mary Poppins classic a great twist with their arrangement that makes for a nostalgic yet distinctly unique performance to hear along Main Street USA. It is the perfect performance to either enjoy while walking past, or to stop and listen to as an escape from rushing from ride to ride. That is what Disney World entertainment does at its best, calm and transport you in a special Disney way.

The Dapper Dans are the heart of Main Street USA, and any performance by them is something to cherish and enjoy and this performance by them is no different.

What is your favorite song that you have heard the Dapper Dans of the Magic Kingdom perform over the years at Walt Disney World? Be sure to share your musical memories with us in the comments below.