Top 5 Rare Disney Parks Characters

Disney Adventurer

Figment's Place Meet and Greet Epcot Disney World

Disney Characters help to bring the Disney Parks to life, allowing you to meet your favorite characters live in person. They even sometimes give you a chance to meet even extremely rare and obscure characters that are not the most popular.

So here are five rare Disney Parks characters that have appeared over the years in theme parks around the world.

1. Bear

Bear in the Big Blue House was one of the first few successful shows on Playhouse Disney, and during its run, you could find its titular character Bear in multiple locations throughout Disney MGM Studios. He was the star of two different stage shows, and had his own parade float. But he never meet guests in meet and greets, and disappeared completly after the show went off the air.

2. Ursula

Ursula in a Parade Walt Disney World

Ursula is one of the most popular and iconic Disney villains of all time, but rarely appears in the Disney Parks outside of the Little Mermaid attraction. She has appeared rarely in parades and stage shows, with each of her appearances reimagining her character in a different way.

3. Clara Cluck

Clara Cluck Mickey's Boo to You Halloween Parade

Clara Cluck was a classic character from early Disney cartoons, but went down in popularity as Disney began developing more iconic characters. She has made a resurgance, making rare meet and greet apperances as well as being a regular part of Mickey's Boo To You Halloween Parade each year at the Magic Kingdom.

4. Clarice

Clarice Disney Character Parade Magic Kingdom Disney World

This is one of the most obscure characters to make a resurgance in the Disney Parks. Clarice appeared in one Chip and Dale animated short, and made extremely infrequent appearances since then, but recently began making rare apperances in Disney character dance parties. Outside of this she can rarely be seen, almost being nonexistant before these appearances began.

5. Giant Figment

Figment Meets a Baby Girl in Figment's Place Epcot Disney World

Figment may be the unofficial icon of Epcot, but following the closure of his original attraction, he has appeared infrequently as a character in the park. But in the early days of Journey Into Imagination With Figment a giant version of Figment shortly met guests in and around the Imagination Pavilion. He even had a short lived meet and greet location known as Figment's Place. But just as quickly as he reapperared, he vanished once again without a trace.