Review: WandaVision Episode 3 Now In Color

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WandaVision In Color 1970s Inspired Title Card Now In Color Disney Plus

WandaVision has returned for its second outing this week with one new episode, taking us to the 1970s as the mystery of their world builds around them. What was initially a slow build through the first two episodes has picked up the pace with the first episode in color.

We are going to review this new episode, and a spoiler warning is in place for the rest of the article.

Spoiler Warning

Vision and Wanda Pregnant 1970s WandaVision Disney Plus Now In Color

After another great time period theme song, we jump right into where we left off in the last episode, with Wanda and Vision trying to make sense of the speed up pregnancy that Wanda suddenly found herself in as the world transitioned to color.

Wanda and Vision determine they only have a few days to prepare for the baby at the rate Wanda's pregnancy is going, and begin to prepare by setting up a nursery and seeing a doctor.

Vision and Wanda Scared 1970s WandaVision Episode Now In Color

But Wanda begins to have side effects from her pregnancy as it moves further through the trimesters, triggering her powers and causing a blackout throughout the entire city.

When she begins having contractions things get out of control and Vision goes again to find the doctor, this time using his powers to get back and forth at an accelerated speed in front of people, yet they still do not seem to realize they exist.

Wanda Hides Pregnancy With Fruit Bowl WandaVision 1970s Marvel Now In Color

Meanwhile, Wanda receives a visit from Geraldine as she tries to hide her pregnancy using a variety of objects in a typical sitcom fashion.

Eventually though, after fending off a live stork and several costume changes, she is unable to hide her pregnancy anymore and goes into labor assisted by her friend. She gives birth to her son Tommy just before Vision and the doctor arrives.

WandaVision Baby Tommy and Billy Now In Color Marvel Disney Plus

Both the doctor and Geraldine leave for long enough for Vision to introduce himself in his real form to his son, before she gives birth to a second son, Billy, providing for the conclusion of the sitcom portion of the storyline.

Throughout all of this strange things have been happening at an increased rate compared to the previous episode. Things appear off in more instances, and every character seems to realize it at one moment or another. 

WandaVision Neighbor Cuts Through Wall Now In Color Disney Plus

Vision witnesses his neighbor cutting into a concrete wall at one point with hedge trimmers, and yet the neighbor has no strong reaction to it and keeps cutting.

WandaVision Neighbors 1970s Now In Color Marvel

Two neighbors even appear to have a conversation at one point suggesting they know something is going on that they try to hide from Vision. They also share suspicions about Geraldine not being from the town.

Vision even confronts Wanda that things seem off before she appears to manipulate time once again to avoid the confrontation.

Throughout the episode, you can also find many of the elements that have been hidden throughout all the episodes suggesting the unnatural nature of the shows setting, such as the constant presence of hexagons and the SWORD logo.

Geraldine 1970s WandaVision Now In Color Marvel Disney Plus

It is only after the birth of her children though that Wanda seems to confront the reality of her world in a conversation with her friend Geraldine.

Sword Necklace Close Up Geraldine WandaVision Now In Color

Having had twins brings up memories of her brother Pietro, which she gets emotional about. Her friend then asks if he was killed by Ultron before snapping back into her sitcom-like demeanor. Wanda refuses to let this go, pressing her on it before realizing she is wearing a SWORD necklace. We had previously seen this logo on the Beekeeper in the last episode.

Wanda Maximoff Looks at Babies WandaVision Now In Color

When Vision returns, Geraldine is nowhere to be found and Wanda states she left, as the aspect ratio, which has been in the style of 1970s television, begins to change to a more modern widescreen format.

Geraldine Emerges Though Barrier WandaVision Now In Color Disney Plus

We then are shown Geraldine being flung outside the town limits of Westview, assumably by Wanda's Powers. In doing this she passes through some kind of barrier

Military Surrounds Geraldine WandaVision Now In Color Marvel Disney Plus

Just outside she is met by a massive modern military presence inspecting her upon her emergence from the town.

There are a lot of significant developments in this episode that point towards Wanda being gradually manipulated towards her House of M storyline from the comics. That storyline begins with her having children, named Billy and Tommy, through the manipulation of villain Mephisto, before they are eventually lost to him and she begins to lose her mind as a result.

Westview Town Sign WandaVision Now In Color Marvel Disney Plus

We don't know what is causing her reality and this could provide an explanation, adjusting the storyline for the false reality to encompass only a town as opposed to the entire planet. We are left in the dark though as to what the outside world knows of Wanda's situation, and who exactly is this military force outside Westview.

Wanda and Vision In Rain Inside Their House WandaVision Now In Color 1970s

We know the limits of this reality, but not its cause, nor how much the other residents know about their situation, all of which will hopefully be revealed in the coming weeks. The show has picked up its pace at just the right time, building a mystery with just enough answers, and opening up questions of how these events will impact the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.