The Downfall of Snow White's Scary Adventure

Disney Parks History

Evil Queen Transforms Into Hag Snow White's Scary Adventures Disneyland

Snow White's Scary Adventures was an opening day ride at both Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom, although neither opened with that name. The attraction always faced criticism from parents due to its more terrifying nature (at least compared to other Disney rides) leading to Disney using the word scary in the title later on.

But both versions would be either removed or massively reimagined in the 2010s to the early 2020s to combat these complaints.

Dwarfs House Scene Snow White's Adventures Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

The Magic Kingdom was supposed to survive the New Fantasyland reimagining of the Magic Kingdom, as the original plans called for new meet and greet locations around Fantasyland. When these were swapped out for the ones that ended up happening, it was decided to replace this ride to make room for a centralized princess pavilion.

Disney was adding another Snow White attraction with Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and it was decided to get rid of the original Snow White attraction. Its replacement did feature several tributes to the original attraction, but was much more lighthearted than the original dark ride.

Snow White's Scary Adventures Mural Disneyland Station

Later, in early 2020, the Snow White's Scary Adventure in Disneyland closed to be replaced by a toned-down version. It would later be announced that it would reopen as Snow White's Enchanted Wish. This version would replace many of the scarier scenes, notably the mine and the Evil Queen's death, with more uplifting scenes placing more focus on the positive elements of the movie. 

Snow White's Scary Adventures was an idea from Walt Disney's era of Disneyland, that never caught on the way he intended. It was always a controversial part of the parks, and Disney is actually phasing it out. It remains to be seen if this trend will continue to the international parks