The Good Dinosaur 5th Anniversary


Copyright Pixar

The Good Dinosaur was released five years ago today so we are paying tribute to the beautiful Pixar film on its anniversary.

Copyright Pixar

The Good Dinosaur tells the story of Arlo, a dinosaur, and spot, his dog-like human companion as they grow from enemies thrown together to friends as they both try to get back home to their respective families.

Copyright Pixar

The film is visually stunning, with photorealistic visuals in all of its environments as well as creating multiple incredibly lifelike intense storms that the characters have to survive in. The environments are so realistic, some of the characters actually look worse by comparison. At the time of release, this was probably the most realistic Pixar animation to date.

At the center, though this is a family story of overcoming tragedy, that has many of the elements of your classic Pixar film.