10 Fun Facts About The Hall of Presidents at Walt Disney World

Hall of Presidents Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

As the United States comes out of election season, we are sharing ten fun facts about the Hall of Presidents attraction in the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.

1.  Show Length

The show is a twenty-three-minute history of America through the lens of the presidency

2. The Official Presidential Seal

There are only 2 Official Presidential Seals in the world. In the White House, and in the Walt Disney World Hall of Presidents lobby.

3. Changes

Whenever a new president is elected they get added to this ride.

4. Presidental Objects

George Washington Painting Lobby Hall of Presidents Disney World

Throughout the attraction, you can find numerous actual presidential relics on display.

5. Independence Hall

Independence Hall Philadelphia

The building that holds this attraction was designed to look like Independence Hall, where the constitution was signed. 

6. Researcher

This ride was originally planned to be located in Disneyland before its proposed location, Liberty Street, was canceled.

7. Clinton

Bill Clinton was the first modern president to have a speaking role in the Hall of Presidents, a trend that has continued ever since.

8. Wax Museum

An early concept for the attraction was a wax museum, before the development of realistic human audio-animatronics.

9. Opening

The attraction opened in 1971 and had 37 presidents when the first ride opened. It currently features forty-four animatronics (Grover Cleaveland served non-consecutively). 

10. Only Version

Liberty Square Entrance Sign Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

This is the only version of the ride in the world, although other versions were planned at certain points for Disney's America and even Knotts Berry Farm.