Top 5 Ways To Improve Disney Plus: One Year In

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Disney Plus launched on this day last year to insane levels of success. After the initial success of The Mandalorian, the service ended up beating expectations amid a global pandemic and getting an infusion of content due to the closure of theaters, from Pixar's Onward, to the Broadway musical Hamilton, to the remake of Mulan.

But there is always room for improvement. So here are five potential improvements for the streaming service as it enters its second year,

1. Legacy Content

This was something Disney Plus launched with a lot of. Content that predates Disney Plus. The service destroyed the Disney vault by providing access to every Disney movie in history, but there is still plenty of classic Disney content that isn't on the service yet. 

There are so many classic shows that are not on the service from Disney and the companies it owns. Bear in the Big Blue House, the Disneyland TV show, The Muppet Show, The Mickey Mouse Club. The list goes on.

While some of these are complicated by licensing problems, a lot of these could be added simply by restoring them and add something new to enjoy, especially for people old enough to remember them.

It is such an easy thing to add, that it is a shame we haven't seen more of it.

2. Disney Parks Content

One of the best early originals on Disney Plus was The Imagineering Story, a documentary on the history of the people that made the Disney Parks happen. It would only make the service better by uploading more Disney Parks content.

Toy Soldiers Disney World Christmas Parade

There is so much they could add, from old Christmas parades, to old live streams Disney has done in their parks, and more.

Spirit of Norway Theater World Showcase Epcot Disney World

They could even upload old Disney attractions to enjoy on the service. There is no reason that old film attractions from the parks couldn't be uploaded to the service, and Disney has a lot of them. Captain EO, Honey I Shrunk the Audience, The Spirit of Norway, and more would all add new content to Disney Plus relatively easily that would be fondly remembered by longtime Disney fans.

3. Original Content For Kids

Disney Plus has largely built its reputation as a child-friendly streaming service, but yet the majority of its high-profile original content is aimed at adults. It could really use a series or two on the level of The Mandalorian aimed specifically at kids.

The upcoming Percy Jackson series is set to do this, but Disney really needs a few more shows like it. There have been rumors of an upcoming Kingdom Hearts series as well that would be a welcome addition to the streaming service.

4. Better Organization of Extras

There is a lot of great content hidden under the extras sections. The problem is that this ends up hiding a lot of interesting content. Everything from full-length documentaries, to Broadway performances, to short films, is hidden under that section.

Many of these are extras of larger films, but could also stand as their own content that should be searchable. While Disney has started to make some of these searchable, a lot more of these should be made easier to find.

5. More Broadway Musicals

The Lightning Thief Percy Jackson Musical On Broadway

Hamilton was not only a massive success for Disney Plus, but it proved that a professional recording of a Broadway musical could have mainstream appeal. While not everything is going to have Hamilton level success, Disney Plus could certainly find success by catering more to this market, especially in the current moment when live theater is closed worldwide.

Diana Musical Broadway Marquee New York City

Netflix has chosen to film the new musical Diana in a bubble format on Broadway amid the COVID19 Pandemic, and Disney could certainly take a similar route. They could either record their current shows, The Lion King on Broadway or Mary Poppins in London or pay for other shows to film like they did with Hamilton. There are rumors a version of Aladdin filmed on the West End before the pandemic will be coming to Disney Plus soon, so hopefully, they are moving in this direction.