Best Playhouse Disney Shows You Can Watch On Disney Plus

Disney Plus

Playhouse Disney was the first preschool channel created by Disney, yet many of its hit shows have not been featured by Disney since the end of the network. Many of the hits from this era of Disney have disappeared and are not available to watch anywhere, from Bear In The Big Blue House, to numerous other classic shows.

We are taking you through some of the shows from the Playhouse Disney era are available on Disney Plus right now, despite all being labeled as Disney Junior. We are only including the original content made for Playhouse Disney.

Out of the Box

Out of the Box was an early live-action hit for Playhouse Disney. Taking place in a cardboard box playhouse, this was a great variety style show.

Book of Pooh

This was a puppet-based show using the classic Winnie the Pooh characters that is one of several Winnie the Pooh TV series currently available to watch on Disney Plus.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

This show became a mainstay for both Playhouse Disney and Disney Junior, introducing new generations of children to Mickey and Friends in a fun and interactive setting.