10 Fun Facts About Indiana Jones Adventure Disneyland

10 Fun Facts Disney Parks

 Indiana Jones Adventure Temple of the Forbidden Eye is an amazing experience that allows you to have your own journey with Indian Jones. 

Today we will be talking about this fantastic ride. 

1. Props

Indiana Jones Adventure Ride First Scene Adventureland Disneyland

There are several movie props scattered through the attraction.

2. The Boulder

At the end of the ride, there is a boulder heading toward you that Indiana Jones must save you from, recreating the iconic scene from the franchise.

3. Two Versions

In Tokyo DisneySea, there is another version of this ride called Indiana Jones Adventure Temple of the Crystal Skull, not related to the movie.

4. Ice Chips

There used to be an effect where ice chips would fall on you in the bridge room. This was supposed to represent the temple crumbling around you. This effect unfortunately no longer works.

5. Dinosaur

Dinosaur Queue Line Disney's Animal Kingdom

This ride shares an identical track layout with the Disney's Animal Kingdom attraction, Dinosaur.

6. The Cost

Indiana Jones Adventure Station Disneyland

Disney spent about $100 million to complete the attraction.

7. The Queue Language

Indiana Jones Adventure Queue Line Secret Message Disneyland

As you pass through the line of this attraction you can try and decode a special language created for the attraction, with multiple hidden messages on the wall.

8. Skulls

You can find tons of skulls throughout the queue line and ride, adding to the creepy atmosphere.

9. Sallah

Indiana Jones isn't the only character from the films you can see in this ride, with Sallah also making an appearance in the queue video.

10. Interactive Queue

The line of this attraction is filled with interactive experiences for you to enjoy as you wait.