Pelton Wheel Tribute Grizzly Peak Disney California Adventure

Grizzly River Run Lift Hill Disney California Adventure

The Pelton Wheel is a historic early power source that turned the strength of running water into electricity, and it has a massive tribute in Grizzly Peak at Disney California Adventure.

This wheel is found alongside the lift hill of Grizzly River Run, and is themed as the power source for the lift hill. While it is not actually a functioning power source, as there is no river that could give it power, it is something you might actually have seen in the early national park setting of Grizzly Peak.

The Pelton Wheel Info Plaque Disney California Adventure

Alongside the wheel there is a plaque that describes its historical significance, tying the park into its roots as a celebration of Californian history.

Eureka Gold and Timber Co Grizzly Peak Disney California Adventure

This wheel and its accompanying Eureka Gold and Timber Co serve as a great visual icon for the Paradise Bay entrance of Grizzly Peak, pulling you into the land with the kinetic movement of the Grizzly River Run lift hill.

This is one of few reminders of the early days of the park and its fact-based approaches to regions and time periods of California, and it remains as a nice callback to the early days of the park that is small, but nice to discover.

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