Lion King Wall Harambe Disney's Animal Kingdom

Lion King Wall Can You Feel The Love Tonight Disney's Animal Kingdom

To celebrate the release of the live-action version of The Lion King, Disney's Animal Kingdom would get a temporary collection of food, decorations, and entertainment throughout the park based on both the original animated film and the new version. All of them would fit their respective lands perfectly, blending into the pre-existing theming.

In Africa, the park would receive an Instagram wall themed as street art created by the citizens of the town of Harambe. It would feature minimal artistic depictions of Simba and Nala alongside Can You Feel The Love Tonight written in Swahili.

Harambe Theater Sign Festival of the Lion King Disney's Animal Kingdom

Lion King has been a part of the town of Harambe for years, since Festival of The Lion King moved to the land from Camp Minnie Mickey, and this spread the theme further into the land in a way that didn't ruin the overall theme.

This was one of several ways that the park finds a way to seamlessly incorporate classic Disney films without departing from the theme of the area. It gives you a bit of Disney magic in a way that feels like it belongs in its surroundings.