Chicken Little 15th Anniversary


Chicken Little Blow Up Animation Courtyard Disney World

Chicken Little was a historic Disney film. It saw them adapting for a new era of animated films and making strides towards the technological advancements that would lead them to create the animated films of today.

This was the first computer-animated film by Disney, and while it is not their best film it moved the company forward.

In this period Disney was suddenly no longer the de facto animated film company, with newer players like Dreamworks and Pixar competing with them, and this film saw Disney trying to find their footing in the new market.

Chicken Little Characters Town Square Magic Kingdom

Today it remains as a unique entry in the Disney canon that represents a period of transition for Disney animation that would eventually bring them to their present success and reclaim of the top spot in the animated world.

It is an interesting watch for any Disney fan, with a few tributes in the Disney Parks. Chicken Little and Abby Mallard are still some of the most popular rare characters at special events in Disney World to this day.

It would pave the way for later success stories like Tangled, Frozen, Bolt, and more.