Butterscotch Pudding Parfait Review Fantasmic Dining Package River Belle Terrace Disneyland

Butterscotch Pudding Parfait Fantasmic Dinning Package River Belle Terrace Disneyland

The Fantasmic Dining Packages at Disneyland offer a variety of different exclusive offerings you can't even get at the same restaurant without the package. While not all of them are the best, some are nice exclusive offerings that are worth trying if you book this package.

One of the best offerings you can get at the River Belle Terrace version of the Fantasmic dining package is the butterscotch pudding parfait.

Butterscotch Pudding Parfait River Belle Terrace Disneyland

This dish is a butterscotch flavored pudding topped with some butterscotch candies, whipped cream, and a piece of chocolate.

The pudding itself is the star of the dish, with a strong butterscotch flavor in this creamy and moist pudding. 

It is a great departure from most Disney deserts which typically fall into one of three flavors, chocolate, vanilla, or berry, and I personally would order this on the menu of a Disney restaurant if it were regularly available.

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This is a nice departure from other dessert offerings that Disney typically connects with the expensive Fantasmic meals which normally prioritize appearance over flavor. This pudding, while not being the most visually appealing dessert, is quite flavorful.

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This is a great treat to enjoy prior to watching Fantasmic, and hopefully, it will come back to the park once Fantasmic is able to safely return following the coronavirus pandemic.