Baby Yoda's Name Revealed In Latest Episode of The Mandalorian

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Baby Yoda Grogu Sits On The Mandalorian's Ship Chapter 13 The Mandalorian

After a season and a half of being known as either The Child or the much wider used name on the internet of Baby Yoda, the iconic little force wielder from The Mandalorian has finally been given an actual name in the series.

Ahsoka Tano Talks With The Mandalorian At Night On Corvus Disney Plus

In Chapter 13 of the series, The Jedi, Ahsoka Tano makes her first appearance in live-action, and somehow that wasn't even the only big reveal in the episode. You can check out our full review of the episode here.

Ahsoka Tano In Battle The Mandalorian Chapter 13 The Jedi

When she meets with the green alien, she is able to communicate with him through the force and we learn the first real personal details of him and his backstory before he came to meet The Mandalorian at the beginning of the series.

Baby Yoda Grogu Reaches Out For Stone The Mandalorian Disney Plus

He is revealed to have been a youngling on Coruscant at the time of Order 66, and that when the Jedi began being executed someone hid him, ensuring he survived the slaughter. His name is revealed as Grogu, and that following Order 66 his memory is mostly of darkness until he meets Mando.

This is a major reveal, as its the first real personal info we know about the most popular character from the series.

So what do you think of Baby Yoda's name? Will you start calling him Grogu now? Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the reveal and the rest of the episode in the comments below.