Abandoned Disneyland Motor Boat Cruise Station

Fantasia Gardens Motor Boat Cruise Station Disneyland

Disneyland is full of classic attractions and is the only Disney Park where you can ride attractions that Walt Disney himself actually had a hand in designing and was able to see, walkthrough, and actually ride.

If a ride has survived since opening day at the park it is practically untouchable at this point, having become an iconic part of the park that contributes to the unique charm that Disneyland exudes through every step in the park.

Some longstanding rides in the park however have closed over the years, and some have left remnants in the park that are still visible years later.

The Motor Boat Cruise was a classic boat ride in the Disney Parks that dated back to the days of Walt, opening just two years after the park initially opened. It would remain in the park until the 1990s and served as a kind of water version of Autopia, which it bordered.

It would close in 1993 following an attempted Disney Afternoon retheme based on Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears.

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It was an expensive ride to run, and operations chose to close it to make room in the budget for the upcoming Mickey's Toontown.

The ride would be removed, but the station remains in the park to this day, holding a collection of tables and benches underneath the covering that was formerly used for portions of the queue line, load, and unload.

This became a nice secluded area in the park, with views of the Disneyland Monorail and It's a Small World across a repurposed pond.

This was a small area that really couldn't have been utilized for anything else. It was stuck between the parade route, Autopia, and the Submarine Voyage, which also had the Disneyland Railroad traveling above creating a height limit. It couldn't really be used for any attraction, so at least they found a creative new use for the space.

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It is nice to see a piece of Disney history, and be sure and see if you can spot any other remnants of the classic Motor Boat Cruise on your next visit to Disneyland.