Abandoned Collapsing Bridge Universal Studios Hollywood Tram Tour

Collapsing Bridge Kong 360 Universal Hollywood Studio Tour

The Universal Studios Hollywood tour of the famous studio backlot has included many side attractions over the years that have come and went relatively often. Some closed to make way for future show scenes, others burned down unintentionally. But today we are paying tribute to one that is still in the park that has been left unused as decoration for another experience on the studio tour, the Kong: 360 3D experience.

The collapsing bridge was a classic experience on the tram tour, that saw the bridge drop out on the tram as it passed over, startling unsuspecting guests.

Collapsed Bridge Blocked By Crushed Universal Hollywood Studio Tram

The old experience is no longer used as an actual experience the tram passes over, but has been reutilized as part of the ruins that make up the entrance to the Kong experience, with a crashed tram vehicle blocking the entrance to the attraction.

Universal Studio Tour Collapsing Bridge Kong 360 3D

This was a nice use for the bridge, which fits in perfectly to build anticipation leading up to the experience, making you feel the tram has passed onto the film set of a Kong film in the jungles of Skull Island.

Kong 360 3D Entrance Universal Hollywood Studio Tour

Seeing a piece of the history of the studio tour preserved is always great, and hopefully, it remains in the park for years to come, even if guests will never actually pass over the bridge as originally intended again.

This is just one of many great experiences along the tram, and not all of them can become permanent features of the tram. The attraction can only last so long, but preserving pieces maks the tour feel more historic not only as a journey into the movies, but also as a theme park attraction constantly evolving with the times.

Bridge Set Universal Studios Hollywood Kong 360 3D

What is your favorite show scene on the Universal Studio Tour, past or present? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

Crushed Universal Hollywood Tram Kong 360


  1. I liked the collapsing bridge, even thought it`s no longer in use. I remember when I first visted Universal Studios Hollywood back in 2007, I remember going on that ride & I thought it was gonna collapse but then I thought `oh it`s just a ride`, it was fun. I`ll always have memories going on that. But now that King Kong 3d is there, it fits in pretty well with tram ride


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