Earthquake Scene Universal Studios Hollywood

Flooding Earthquake Universal Studios Hollywood Studio Tour

Universal Hollywood is a theme park created almost by accident surrounding one attraction, the Studio Tour, that has grown from simply being a tour of the historic Universal backlot, to being an attraction in itself.

Over the years it has received a variety of interactive scenes that are more than just film sets, instead attempting to recreate moments from the film. One of the oldest of these is the scene recreating the effects of an earthquake in a subway station.

Earthquake Scene Universal Hollywood Studio Tour

This mini attraction along the tour was initially based on the disaster film Earthquake, although as years went on it really just existed separate from the film it was originally based on, being used simply for its impressive effects simulating a strong earthquake with a train crash, an exploding oil tanker, and a flooding subway station.

This has become a long-lasting part of the tour that inspired a full attraction in Universal Studios Florida, and will hopefully continue to entertain guests on the Studio Tour for years to come.