10 Fun Facts About Space Mountain in Walt Disney World

10 Fun Facts Disney Parks

Space Mountain Lift Hill Magic Kingdom Disney World

Space Mountain takes you on a roller coaster journey in the dark in the emptiness of space. Today we will be sharing 10 facts about this galactic experience.

1.  Slow

This is actually one of the slowest rides in Magic Kingdom. The fastest the ride gets is 28 MPH.

2. Alpha and Omega

There are two tracks in this attraction, known as the Alpha and Omega tracks. The Alpha track is 10 feet longer than the Omega track.

3. 5 Parks

Space Mountain Disneyland Tomorrowland

Hong Kong, Paris, Tokyo, Disney World, and Disneyland all have different versions of this ride. 

4. Ahead of its time

Walt Disney initially was a part of the development of this ride, but the technology to make it happen wouldn't exist until after his death.

5. Computers

This attraction was one of the first roller coasters in history to be controlled by computers.

6. Astronauts

Several astronauts were a part of the development and opening of this ride.

7. Opening 

The Disney World version of this ride opened in 1975.

8. Drop

The tallest drop on this ride is 26 feet tall.

9. Matterhorn

The ride system for this coaster is incredibly similar to the dueling track layout of the Matterhorn in Disneyland.

10. Cost

The attraction initially cost $18 million dollars to build in the Magic Kingdom.